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Our mission is to serve and support the community in great need, providing trustworthy individuals who represent them with honesty, integrity, and expertise in all their real estate and mortgage needs. We also offer additional services such as immigration assistance, credit restoration, notary services, tax preparation, and estate planning with the help of experienced attorneys.

My inspiration to enter the real estate industry approximately 21 years ago stemmed from recognizing the need for a bilingual and trustworthy professional to assist families in achieving their dreams of homeownership and provide ongoing support.

Magnolia Realty & Más sets itself apart from other real estate companies in various ways, starting with our commitment to credit restoration. If buyers don’t meet the required credit score to purchase a home, we have the privilege of assisting them with mortgage loans and offering discounted interest rates for first-time homebuyers. In addition, we provide estate planning services to help buyers plan their wills and trusts.

At Magnolia Realty, we operate based on key principles and values including honesty, integrity, transparency, commitment, and loyalty.

Among the notable accomplishments of Magnolia Realty so far, obtaining my broker license and establishing independence stand out. Another significant achievement has been finding my business partner, Scherrie, whose unwavering support has been invaluable. Both of us are empowered women, brought together by divine intervention, ready to serve our underprivileged community.

Building Magnolia Realty has come with its fair share of challenges and obstacles, particularly in terms of finances. As a mother of six beautiful children spanning a wide age range, I’ve learned to seek God’s guidance in balancing my responsibilities as a parent and a business owner. While I initially intended to pursue my broker exam years ago, unexpected pregnancies led me to press pause. Now, everything is falling into place according to God’s perfect plans and timing.

To stay up-to-date with the latest trends and changes in the real estate market, I attend broker meetings, keep myself informed about the rules and regulations set by the Department of Real Estate, and actively participate in community organizations such as the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Los Cien, enabling me to stay connected with the local community here in Sonoma County.

The strategy employed to build a strong brand presence for Magnolia Realty is faith-based. One of my favorite scriptures is “Ask and you shall receive.” By attracting coachable and trainable individuals into my life, I mentor them on personal growth and guide them to become the best version of themselves in various real estate career paths, including loan agents, realtors, property management professionals, and credit restoration specialists.

Technology has significantly influenced our operations and growth at Magnolia Realty, primarily through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Zillow. These tools help us extend our reach, promote our brand name and logo, and engage with individuals and organizations.

At Magnolia Realty, every customer is treated like family, regardless of whether they are purchasing their first mobile home or are seasoned multi-million dollar investors. We prioritize treating everyone with equal respect, love, and exceptional customer service. Our commitment extends to ensuring that every client is fully satisfied, all questions are answered, and any concerns are addressed. We are proud to have clients from 20 years ago who still view us as family.

Our plans and goals for the future of Magnolia Realty include becoming the largest company in Northern California to offer comprehensive Spanish services to our Spanish-speaking community. Our aim is to be a one-stop-shop, supporting individuals in purchasing their first homes, assisting with residency and citizenship documentation, and helping them restore their credit. Additionally, we aspire to continue supporting St. Eugene’s Catholic School and fund their scholarship program to sponsor over 300 low-income students. We also prioritize regular donations to SAVA (Sonoma Aid for Victimization and Affection), a remarkable organization dedicated to helping the homeless.

As the founder of Magnolia Realty, I have encountered numerous valuable lessons along the way, which I prefer to view as blessings rather than mere lessons. The most significant one I’ve learned is to fall seven times and get up eight.

The advice I would give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own real estate business is to believe in themselves and have unwavering faith. With faith as small as a mustard seed, anything and everything is possible. Never give up on your dreams or goals, no matter the obstacles you encounter. Believe in yourself and a higher power, which I refer to as God.

To ensure ethical and responsible practices at Magnolia Realty, we provide our staff and agents with personal growth development seminars through Klemmer. These seminars instill values such as honesty, integrity, loyalty, and commitment.

I want our audience to know that we are open to feedback and continuously strive to be the best version of ourselves within the company. Our purpose is to serve the underserved community with honesty, integrity, loyalty, and love.


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We’ve rented all our lives. We didn’t know if home ownership was even possible for us, until we met Magnolia. Magnolia and her team helped us with everything from restoring our credit to signing our mortgage. 

Dominic M.

Windsor, CA

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